Ljubljana (Republic of Slovenia)

Twin city since 1966

Ljubljana, Tripple Bridge

Ljubljana is located between the Julian Alps and the Adriatic, and is one of the smallest capital cities in Europe with just 278,000 residents.

The university city is Slovenia’s cultural, economic and political centre. Ljubljana has a variety of theatres and museums and one of the oldest philharmonic orchestras in the world. The city is famous for its architectural landmarks, including the Castle, Town Hall, Franciscan Church, Cathedral and Archbishop’s Palace, and for its well-preserved city centre.

Ljubljana plays a key role as an international transport hub connecting Central Europe to the south of the Alps. The international airport is located only 15 kilometres from the north of the centre. Ljubljana’s economy has always been extremely diverse. Industry remains the largest employer in the city (pharmaceuticals, mineral oils and food processing). Ljubljana produces 25% of the country’s gross domestic product and has a strong tradition of long-term international economic relationships.

The city partnership between Ljubljana and Chemnitz is brought alive through sporting exchanges, youth exchanges and participation in EU projects and international organisations, amongst other activities. Numerous exhibitions and artistic exchanges bear testimony to lively cooperation in the fields of art and culture. Today, you can find a sculpture by Slovenian artist Simcic on the Chemnitz Castle Pond Island; it was given its worthy home as a symbol of friendship between the cities in 1990.




275 km²



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